A few years ago I woke up and found my life filled with things that brought me down and distracted me from happiness. I finally decided enough was enough and took control of my life. I started being honest with myself; listening to my heart, doing more of what I love, and learning to let go of all the rest.

And now?

Now I live a crazy beautiful life that I absolutely love – last year, we sold more than half our belongings and to move to the beach (our happy place).


Simply Beachy’s Mission
We all want to be happy. When we look back at our lives we want to say that we lived a happy life.

My goal at @simplybeachyblog is to help people design a simple life by sharing my journey of simplifying. Because I have found that letting go of the clutter, and excess, has allowed me to focus on more important things in life.

Here, you’ll find tools to help you simplify your schedule, your home, and your family. On social media and on my blog, you’ll also find inspiration and ideas for decluttering distractions and organizing what matters most.


Meet Phoebe Phelan:
I’m married to my best friend who supports me and is also on the same journey to find happiness with the tools that he has. I am the mother of two beautiful human beings. I love champagne, room service, a good book, family beach days, and tacos. I can’t go a day without coffee, running or yoga, dance parties with my littles and lipstick. I hate doing dishes (luckily my hubby doesn’t mind doing them), and stressing over clutter.