Tuesday Tip: No-Mess Finger Painting

No-Mess Finger Painting is a great activity for when you want to keep kids busy without getting out a ton of supplies. Plus, it’s really fun — my preschoolers can spend hours just playing in the paint!

My son doesn’t like to get paint on his hands, so this is the perfect activity for him. We practice tracing letters, drawing shapes, and just squishing in the paint. He loves it!

Here’s what you need for No-Mess Finger Painting: (this post includes affiliate links)

Gallon-sized Ziploc bag

Finger paints


Cut the cardstock to fit just inside the Ziploc bag. Place it inside, then add different colors of finger paint into the bag.

It’s best if the finger paint is added in different areas of the bag. Press out the air and seal the bag.

Set on a table, and it’s ready for your child to paint! They can squish the paint with their fingers or draw shapes or write into the paint. When they’re done painting, you can remove the paper and allow it to dry, or just throw the whole bag away for the cleanest project ever!

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