Reset Monday


There are so many times when I get to the end of a long, busy week and my life feels so messy, disorganized, and unfocused. Do you know the feeling? For me, I feel pulled in a million different directions when our routines and schedules are off, and when our house is not in order. That is why when I am feeling this way, I like to take time to “hit the reset button” on life: getting our life back in order, putting things back where they belong, cleaning up all the messes, clearing my mind, and planning out the week.

I’ve been finding how much more productive it is for me to treat Monday as the start of the week. I mean, it is the start of the week on some calendars–for good reason! Every Monday I plan to share with you my routine for resetting my life + preparing for the week ahead.

Note: I know most of you guys consider Sunday to be your day to reset, but for my family Mondays work best. In this season of life, Sundays are our family adventure days because it is the only FULL day we all can be together. On Mondays, we run errands + prep for the week since the kids don’t have school until Tuesday. Every reset day is different for each person and family. And it is okay to switch up because schedules change. Do what works for you (and your family.)

Summer dress:

Reset Monday: Plan Your Week on Paper

I am a paper and pen person. It does something for me to write something down on a to-do list and then get to check it off, or looking at my planner calendar seeing what my week looks like. I set my alarm for 6:00 AM (5 AM on workout mornings) to give myself a little over an hour before my kids get up, and I turn on a podcast or a good playlist, read my verse for the week, then start writing out my week in my planner. I include daily tasks, work tasks I need to complete, errands I need to run, any doctor appointments, playdates, coffee dates, storytimes, and any extra things we are doing with the kids. And I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to see a color-coded planner week!

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