Free Printable: Morning + Evening Routine Charts For Kids

Do your kids need a little help remembering what needs to happen in the morning or evening? Would you like to nag them less while helping them build skills and autonomy? I’m with you!

Having kid-friendly morning & evening routine charts has really helped our family. Our kids know what their jobs are and whenever they get off task, we can gently remind them to check their charts. Easy, simple, effective (most of the time). 

Each chart uses images only, which makes them perfect for pre-readers and kids who speak/read all languages.

In addition to setting and reinforcing expectations, they are also a great way to show how your family usually does things if you are welcoming a new child via foster care or adoption.

A few of the symbols might not be immediately self-explanatory, but trust me – kids are smart and after you explain it, they tend to remember.


Morning includes: Go Potty, Make Bed, Eat Breakfast, Get Dressed, Brush Teeth, Comb/Brush Hair, Put on Shoes, Get Backpack, Hug (my son’s favorite step okay, my favorite step.)


Evening includes: Put Away Toys, Pick Out Tomorrow’s Clothes (alternatively/additionally you could have this mean put your dirty clothes in the hamper), Take a Bath, Put on Pajamas, Brush Teeth, Go Potty, Read a Story, Get in Bed, Sleep.

Each fits on a standard letter-sized (8.5″x11″) piece of paper, but you can resize them to fit your needs. Frame them, laminate them, let your kids color on them…whatever makes sense for you and your family!

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