Why Simplify your Beauty Routine?

When you have too many makeup products, it makes getting ready for the day more difficult. It’s not fun to have to sort and sift through piles of products looking for the one you want. Having a cluttered countertop, cupboards, and drawers in your bathroom doesn’t let you start the day in a great way.

But beyond the hassle and stress too many products can cause, these products also don’t last forever. Most makeup products have a limited shelf life after opening them. Not only do they go bad – you’ll notice a change in consistency, smell or effectiveness. But makeup can also harbour a lot of bacteria. Which can cause irritation, breakouts and even infections. Yuck! A simple beauty routine will not only simplify your bathroom and your life. But it will also protect you from using products that have gone bad or are full of bacteria. Check out my Make Expiration Guide.

A simple beauty routine can even end up saving you money as you buy fewer products. Or buying fewer products might mean you can afford to buy better products instead. And using fewer products on your face is usually better for your skin anyways. It a win all around!

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