Year 33 Bucket List

  1. Run The Charleston Marathon
  2. Island Seafood Boil with Epic Excursions
  3. Brush up on my Spanish with Duolingo
  4. Date night: take a cooking class
  5. Grow out hair: SugarBearHair 
  6. Learn to play the ukelele
  7. Create a wardrobe capsule
  8. New tattoo
  9. Attend a concert: Micheal Franti + Chase Rice
  10. Volunteer with WBSTP
  11. Reach my goal weight + tone up with Club Pilates Wilmington
  12. Complete reading list
  13. Family camping trip: Carolina Beach State Park
  14. Buy a new piece of art: Connor Barth Photography (local)
  15. Mom + Dad Spa + Staycation: 21c Museum Hotel Durham 
  16. Buy more plants
  17. Visit the Cameron Art Museum
  18. Cook through The Runner’s Cookbook by Anita Bean + The Poke Cookbook by Clarkson Potter
  19. Finish kids’ weekly portraits
  20. Finish beach accesses photos
  21. See the Wilmington Symphony
  22. Hot air balloon festival: Freedom Balloon Fest or Carolina Balloon Fest
  23. Family portraits: Jennifer Simpson Photography 
  24. Hike part of the Appalachian Trail
  25. ZERO fast food for a year
  26. DIY: Make a backgammon table
  27. Disney On Ice
  28. 33 acts of kindness
  29. Year 33 Collection: complete one painting each month
  30. Wilmington Brewery Tour 
  31. Get scuba certified with William
  32. See Mack Brown Coach… AGAIN! Beat Clemson!
  33. Yoga move: master the forearm balance

And one to grown on, Master the art of making pasta


xox, simply beachy

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