30 Days to Healthy Living Challange

Day One
25 burpees

Day Two
Don’t eat past 7pm

Day Three
Drink water

Day Four
Avoid salt

Day Five
30 mins of cardio

Day Six

Day Seven
Watch posture

Day Eight
Wake up 30 mins early

Day Nine

Day Ten
Favorite protein shake

Day Eleven
Cook at home

Day Twelve
Drink herbal tea

Day Thirteen
Avoid added sugar

Day Fourteen
Buy herb plant

Day Fifteen
Meatless Monday

Day Sixteen
8 hours of sleep

Day Seventeen
Exercise with kids

Day Eighteen
Eat veggie with every meal

Day Nineteen
Acai bowls

Day Twenty
Eat whole grain carbs

Day Twenty-One
Treat yourself

Day Twenty-Two
Exercise date

Day Twenty-Three
Meal prep

Day Twenty-Four
Try Yoga

Day Twenty-Five

Day Twenty-Six
Homemade granola

Day Twenty-Seven
Laugh + smile

Day Twenty-Eight
Avoid processed foods

Day Twenty-Nine
Buy new workout outfit

Day Thirty
Increase Cardio

The best part of this challenge is that you can start or do it all over again whenever you want. Heck, you can start in the middle of the month.



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