That’s my word.

For 2019.

I’ve been mulling
over words
and directions
and what
and where
I feel the Lord is calling me this year.

I also recognized the need
for courage
and purpose
and boldness
and being strong
and steadfast
and being tenacious
and persevering
and being true.

In that thinking
I came to the realization
that there are things I need
to let go of
and not let define me
for the future.

And that,
is being

So this year
I want to live
with a resolute heart
to live for Jesus
to love my children more
to love my husband more
to spend my time wisely
to embrace the day
to be aware, awake
to do the real important
to believe in the future
to embrace the smallest things
to live life

And that
will be with  a
resolute heart
finding joy.

Do you have a word to define your year?
If so, please do share.

Happy New Year, simply beachy

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