Minimalism + Christmas: The 4 Gift Rule

This was hands down the most stress-free holiday shopping that I have ever experienced. Using the 4 Gift Rule also pushed me to really think about thoughtful gifts, rather than just trying to fill the space under the tree. William and I agreed that we would have the 4 gifts and then stockings, with a “Santa” gift for each child. We also wanted to start the tradition of Christmas Eve Boxes where each child will get a box with Christmas jammies and a book or movie to read/watch as a family. So here is an honest look at what our family purchased to fit the 4 Gift Rule this year! 

James || 1 YEAR

Something They Want: Tea Set
Something They Need: Kitchen Helper
Something To Wear: Mermaid Tail Blanket
Something To Read:  A is For Apple
Santa Gift: Magnatiles + Clothes
Stocking: Snacks + Bubbles + Knee High Socks + Cup + Toothbrush + Bows + Bath Letters/Numbers + Princesses
Christmas Eve Box: Book + Jammies


Widdys || 2 YEARS

Something They Want: Goal Sports Set
Something They Need: Helmet
Something To Wear: Dino Feet Slippers
Something To Read:  1, 2, 3, Count With Me
Santa Gift: Brio First Train + Clothes
Stocking: Underwear Socks + Snacks + BubblesCup + Toothbrush + Bath Paints + Cars
Christmas Eve Box: Book + Jammies  


Phoebe || MOM

Obviously, I am not buying my own gifts, but I did create a wishlist for William to get ideas from.


William || DAD

Something They Want: Sunglasses
Something They Need: 2019 Planner (weekly)
Something To Wear: Cologne
Something To Read: The Life and Love of the Sea
Santa Gift: Portable Bluetooth Speaker 
Stocking · Tequila mini bottles + BoxersDude Wipes + Gloves + Beanie + Snacks
I am so excited for him to open his gifts this year!


xox, simply beachy

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