Twelve Days of Gifts


Christmas shopping can be hard especially when you want to WOW everyone on your list! The next 12 days we will be sharing gift ideas for everyone from your mother-in-law to your co-workers.

On the first day of Christmas, @marleylilly gave to me… One pair of tartan monogrammed loafers! 🎄

These loafers are perfect for your monogrammed obsessed friend/family member! I just can’t get enough of them.

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On the second day of Christmas, @johnstongraydesigns gave to me… Awesome handcrafted custom ball markers!
Head on over to @johnstongraydesigns + pick out something special for the golfer in your life! ⛳️🎄❤️

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On the third day of Christmas, @lovedbysophiaclaire gave to me… the cutest little bows.
I just love all of @lovedbysophiaclaire accessories & am so excited to announce we will doing another giveaway this March.


On the fourth day of Christmas, @bootaybag_ gave to me… lacey undies that make this momma feel oh so sexy! 😉

Check out @bootaybag_ + get two pairs of pretty undies sent to you each month for only $12! Such a sweet deal + you deserve it.

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On the fifth day of Christmas, @qalo gave to me… colorful stackable #QaloRings!
Living so close to the beach, we are year around beach bums (even in the winter). As a family, we are constantly staying active outside from beach clean-ups to kayaking. If anything would happen to my engagement + wedding rings, I would be heartbroken. They are one of a kind. Qalo rings help me live my beachy lifestyle stress-free. I have about 6 differently @qalo rings and my hubby has 3! We are addicted and highly recommend them.

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On the sixth day of Christmas, @graceandpineembroiderygave to me… the cutest onesie I have ever seen! 😍🎀💕 We love all @graceandpineembroidery designs and obviously, Caroline James does as well! Check them out for some last minute Christmas shopping or for your next baby shower!


On the seventh day of Christmas, the @gentlemansbox gave to me… a box full of goodies to give the special man in my life.
The @gentlemansbox is a monthly subscription that provides essentials for the savvy man, from grooming items to style accessories, and everything in between. Sign up your man today!


On the eighth day of Christmas, @kb.shopstevie gave to me… the cutest flats that I never want to take off! 😍
I seriously want everything that @kb.shopstevie has in stock! Click on @kb.shopstevie + treat yourself! 😘


On the ninth day of Christmas, @karynburnsabcs gave to me… The most whimsical ABC’s of them all!
We can’t wait to put this print in a frame and hang in Widdy’s room. His room is nautical themed so the ABC’s of Nantucket Island print is the perfect fit. Check out @karynburnsabcs today! They also have placemats!!!!


On the tenth day of Christmas, @thesilverloft gave to me… Custom shinny initials for someone special to me!!! Check out @thesilverloft today!

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On the eleventh day of Christmas, @me4kidz gave me… The coolest + cutest first aid kit!
Expecting???? Add this to your baby registry! This first aid kit has everything you need for your new baby. Plus, each section breaks apart for easy and convenient storage.


On the twelfth day of Christmas, @shophighway3 gave to me… the coziest blanket EVER… the baby would agree!
These name blanket are the BEST! Both of our babies love them. Our toddler throws a tantrum every time we wash his… it’s the longest hour EVER! 😉 Check out @shophighway3 today!



Happy shopping!

xo, simply beachy


This is a post that I transferred from my former blog, Confetti + Crumbs. 

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