DYI: Framed Silhouette

For the grandparents, we wanted to something special for Christmas. We didn’t have the time to get silhouettes done so I gave it a shot. They turned out so much better than planned. After the holidays I am going to make another for us, maybe even an ornament.


  1. Take a photo of your child’s profile with a light background.  I had my husband hold the kids in front of a window.  thumb_fullsizerender_1024
  2. Print out the photos on card stock and size down to fit the frame you selected to display them it. I used 5×7 floating frames (from Target) but you can use any frame. Just make sure you have room to mat the silhouette. Hobby Lobby and Michael’s always have great deals on frames. 
  3. Using an exacto knife/ small scissors cut out your child’s profile. Include the details of their hair and lashes. Personalized details make each silhouette more realistic and special.   
  4. Trace the silhouette onto black cardstock and it is time to cut… AGAIN! This is a bit time-consuming, so make sure your knife is sharp and take a deep breath. YOU GOT THIS!

  5. Mat it on a white 5×7 sheet cardstock and place in a frame.



xo, simply beachy





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