Simplify the Holidays

December is almost here. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? I find myself saying that more and more as an adult. Before the arrival of the holidays, maybe you did some pre-holiday decluttering . If you did, it will surely help! If you didn’t, not to worry, there still time to clear things out now and afterwards.

Whether you decluttered or not, there are still ways that you can create a simpler holiday season here and now.

It is hard to give time and love when our schedules are so packed that we collapse into bed exhausted every night. I understand you may think you I don’t have a choice. You ALWAYS have a choice. This is your schedule and your life. You are going to have to say no to some really great and fun events, but it will make for some sweet moments at home. Think about the traditions you absolutely want to keep and schedule them in. These are the events and traditions that you absolutely want to be involved in and stick with those. Maybe it is driving around the week before Christmas to see lights, maybe it is a church play, maybe its drinking hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies. YOU decide what you want to do this Christmas and say no more than you ever have.

Money can be such a stressful issue in life. It can be especially stressful during the holidays. While there’s not much at the moment to change your situation financially, you can make good decisions so that after Christmas you’re not left with even more stress about it. First of all, refuse to go into debt. Secondly, making a budget and list of who you will by for help you stay on track. If you’re like me, I want to give gifts to EVERYBODY. But its just not possible. Make that list & budget and let it be settled. Lastly, see what cuts you can make elsewhere in your spending and don’t buy anything for yourself during all the crazy sales.

Household Maintenance
I am a firm believer in maintaining a level of peace in the household. Consider the holidays “survival mode” for your home because hopefully you’ve already decluttered & purged some areas and you’re not going to have time for any deep cleaning. Maybe its cooking simpler meals most evenings, maybe its keeping workouts shorter. Reset your home every evening by making sure the kitchen and common areas are tidy. Also, make modules for special projects such as your Christmas cards and gift wrapping. Everything will be in that box or basket and it will be easy to clean up so that you can use that space for whatever is next.

So much of life is about our attitudes. It really can make or break a situation. As the holidays come, there’s not only joy and peace, but there can be a lot of stress. Keeping these in mind helps to have a good attitude to deal with the stress and chaos. First of all, we have to let go of perfection. Whether it is our house, the gifts we buy, the parties we attend or host. None of it will go perfectly. Sometimes we need to stop striving so hard and just see the beauty in the imperfection. Going along with that, I would recommend living in the moment.

The holidays can still seem crazy, but we’ve scaled way back in how and what we do during this time. I would encourage you to consider simplifying as well so that you can enjoy the big and little moments throughout this special season.

Merry Christmas!


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