Five Areas to Declutter and Simplify Before the Holidays

We all know that when the holidays hit, the last thing we want to do is spend any time decluttering. So, in the few weeks, we have before Christmas takes over, spend a little bit of time doing some pre-holiday decluttering in these four areas to make for a smoother holiday season.

If you have kids, then you know that it seems that throughout the year that toys somehow multiply. How many times have you walked into your child’s room or playroom and asked, “Where did this come from?!? I didn’t buy this!” With that said, toys is a great category to minimize BEFORE more come in. Think through what toys are no longer age-appropriate. Which ones are broken beyond repair (or not worth repairing)? Toss the cheap plastic ones, happy meal toys, and broken ones. Donate the rest!

Many of us will be pulling out the red and green plastic tubs with our decorations and as we do, MINIMIZE! Which ones are broken, worn out, tired, ugly? What pieces did you NOT use last year? Were there any gifts you received last year and tossed into the tubs without considering if you really like or needed it? Consider decorating with natural items that you can make a tradition of going out with the family to gather each year. This will cut down on storage and can make your home more beautiful than store-bought decorations.

The kitchen is usually busier than normal during this season. If you like the idea of a cleared off counter top, this is the time to try it! You will love having all that extra space for friends and family to join in making cookies. Ask which gadgets and tools you haven’t used in the last year, which ones are dull or broken, or not working so well as it once did. A great kitchen really doesn’t require a ton of gadgets, just some really practical & basic tools.

This may seem like an odd area to simplify, but I consider the holidays a time to go into “survival mode.” So, the more simple my days are, the more I’m ready for all the festivities. It is easier to enjoy festivities when our routines are stripped to the bare essentials. You could try a capsule wardrobe – jeans and a few sweaters and just add in scarves or jewelry to change things up. Simplify your cooking by having a basic set menu, like one-pot dinners during this season. This will help on groceries, clean-up, and your mental energy. If you workout, rather than spending time at the gym, workout at home or run around your neighborhood. Lastly, ask your husband and kids to join up for holiday teamwork on household duties that you might normally do yourself.

Simplifying your home in time for the holidays is the perfect set-up for enjoying this season of peace, joy, and togetherness.

Hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Phoebe Phelan

2 thoughts on “Five Areas to Declutter and Simplify Before the Holidays

  1. This Post, put a big smile on my face as I read it! I read it twice because it is written by one of my Grandaughters! Thanks Phoebe,


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