Tuesday Ten: Fall Fun at the Beach

Summer might be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a beach day in the middle of fall. Grab your cozy blankets, pull on a hoodie, and have a blast at the beach out of the water. There are so many fun things you can do with your kids, here are just a few ideas:
  1. Build Castles:  The fall it’s the perfect time to dig in. Don’t just build castles, you can build cities, mermaids, and abstract things!
  2. Fly a Kite: Magical for little ones and just plain fun for older kids, a windy fall day is great for flying a kite at the beach. You can even make your own if you’ve got time on your hands.
  3. Have a Picnic: A crisp sunny day is perfect for a picnic at the beach, bring your picnic basket with sandwiches, pie, and fruit.
  4. Gather Shells: Widdy is obsessed with gathering shark teeth, shells, and sea glass. I remember myself in my childhood years, I loved it as well. These are perfect to incorporate into making crafts.
  5. Hunt for Crabs:  Take your buckets and go scavenging for little crawlers.  Homeschoolers: check off the natural science box.
  6. Stargaze: Tempting to do this with your spouse and no kids, but they would love it too. Just for fun or for studying the night sky with chart and flashlights in hand.
  7. Photo Session: The beach is the perfect background for family and child photos. Especially an empty one! The best time is just before sunset for the most amazing light and glowing skin.
  8. Watch the sunrise/sunset: Depending on which coast you live on, the beach is the perfect spot for watching the sun rise or set.
  9. Draw: Who doesn’t love drawing in the sand? It’s a great way for kids young and old to practice their letters and numbers as well.
  10. Go for a run or walk: The beach is empty and the weather is perfect, so why not?

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