Simplify your Life Series


“You get to decide if you live your life unhappily, sort of happily, or really happily.” -Emily Ley, A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living

Truth bomb: MY life changed drastically after I had kids. It became ANYTHING but simple.
I’ve gone from a generally organized person with a predictable schedule, clean home, and healthy diet to a full-on hot mess. Since kids, my days have started to blur together and I go to bed, going over the to-do list I haven’t gotten to from the day. I feel pretty stressed and disorganized (not to mention guilty.) I look around my house and don’t even know where to start cleaning (because there is just TOO MUCH STUFF), so I really just move things from room to room. And I am SO over it!!! It’s time to re-asses and make some major improvements. It’s time to simplify my life.
Over the next few months, I am going to be delivering to you a free series on how to simplify multiple areas of your life:
* Simplifying your Schedule
* Simplifying multiple rooms of your house:
•We’ll simplify the kitchen by finding go-to recipes and mixes to keep on hand. We’ll talk about things to keep in the freezer, things to get rid of, etc.
•We’ll walk through various rooms and discuss tips and tricks for keeping them organized and simplified.
* Simplifying your Beauty Routine
* Simplifying Life with Kids
* Simplifying your Wardrobe

All of these will include recipes, free printables, some giveaways, and more! I’m really excited about all of these great ideas coming together and going through this journey right along with you.

[Please note that I am NOT complaining about my kids because they are one of my greatest blessings. And I know with kids there are ALWAYS going to be messes. We just have too much stuff (toys/books/ clothes) and it makes tackling the everyday tasks overwhelming.]

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