Tuesday Ten: Summer Bucket List

Today I’ve come up with a few ideas that are sure to inject a little spontaneity into your summer. Check them out:

  1. Create a summer playlist
    or check out my  June Playlist on Spotify
  2. Attend an outdoor concert
    or have a movie night in your own backyard
  3. Buy That Bikini
    Ask Phoebe: Love Your Body (coming soon)
  4. Write out a lofty list of long-term goals…
    Healthy Lifestyle Goals to Make This Summer (coming soon)
  5. Master the art of grilling
    Girl’s Guide to Mastering the Grill (coming soon)
  6. Take a vacation—leave your phone behind
    Ask Phoebe: The Importance of Unplugging on Vacation (coming soon)
  7. Have picnic
    How to Pack the Perfect Picnic (coming soon)
  8. Catch up on some reading
    Here are some suggestions to get you started: Summer Reading List
  9. Take a class
    painting, writing cooking, surfing… the world is your oyster
  10. Go to the beach
    Beach Must-Haves (coming soon)


What summer adventures and activities are on your bucket list?

Let me know in the comments!

XO Simply Beachy


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