Emmiebel Studio

Instagram: @emmiebelstudio
Facebook Page: Emmiebel Studio
Meet Andrea Haslett

Dental Hygienist by day, sewing mama by night. Mom to 2 girls. I like coffee, wine, yoga pants, and sweaters.

About Emmiebel Studio

I started seriously sewing after my first daughter was born about 7 years ago. My mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother all sewed, and I learned everything I know from them. (My mom has her own Etsy shop too! She makes beautiful stuff!) My shop opened this year and has been such a great creative release for me. Dental hygiene is fun, but it’s not very creative. I wanted to do more, so I opened Emmiebel Studio on Etsy. I love finding new uniquely beautiful prints and turning them into something soft and cuddly for baby.
Andrea’s Personal Favorite
My personal favorite is this Harvest Floral print with the Ivory backing. I just swooned when I saw it!
Confetti + Crumbs Review
We cannot wait to wrap our new bundle of joy in this! I mean just look at this gorgeous print!



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