Meet Laura


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My name is Laura Foley, I’m 36 years old and live in Perth Australia. I am a wife, mama to two boys and a fur pup. My boys are Noah and Jack ages 3.5 and 1. My husband Steve and I have been married since 2010. I love strong coffee, and simply can’t start the morning without 3 cups. I have a love of fashion, photography and am creative or like to think so! In my spare time…. yes what’s that when you’re a mum, I work a couple of shifts at an Australian lifestyle brand Country Road and have been there since 2007.

Before becoming a Mum I was very career driven and it took me some time to adjust to being a stay at home mum. I’d worked very hard in the retail fashion area to become a state manager and enjoyed this role immensely sure it had its challenges but it was rewarding to see my team be successful and strive for results! I never thought about having kids and never really had the dream of being a mummy! I always wanted to be married but didn’t picture life with children!  Then I guess my biological clock started to talk to me….. what’s life all about? Do I keep working? Should we be just us two? The idea of trying for a baby seemed easy enough and after a few goes, I fell pregnant!! 3.5 years on and we now have 2 babies and I’d love to have more!! Lol! For someone who was not maternal at all, I love being a mum!

The challenge of leaving my career behind has been a struggle… you lose that person you used to be to take on the title of a mother! I still struggle with this and I feel like I may be missing out and wonder how I will get back into my career! I wouldn’t change it for the world, I love looking into my boy’s eyes and seeing the sparkle they have for me… that’s true love.


Confetti + Crumbs: What has given you the most joy as a mother? Describe it
Laura: Raising tiny humans is hard there’s no manual hey, there’s google but that can have you quickly on the wrong path! You get this beautiful bundle of joy and take them home with no idea what to do with them? You hope they sleep, feed and are a happy baby! You as a new Mother have no idea what you’re doing! Your child makes you a Mother and that to me is a role that is bigger than any other role in the world! The joy you get from this precious little bean makes you a better person, makes you love unconditionally and drives you to be a better person. Joy to me is seeing them achieve great things….those little milestones that are so small to them but gigantic to you…. the first smile, the first tooth, the laugh and giggles at you! Babies have this true ability to make you realize that life is joy through their eyes! As soon as your child is able to talk and walk around just like you…. making you pretend dinner, telling you stories about their day and genuinely being a little you are pure joy and makes you realize you’re doing a good job even with the tantrums from them!

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Confetti + Crumbs: Tell us a funny “guess what my kid did” story.
Laura: Noah my 3.5-year-old is full of great stories but this one will be one we bring out at his 21st! Noah was really into copying everything we do, I wash his windows, he washed the windows, and he had at the beginning of the week seen his Dad shaving his head…. it was a Saturday night the tv was blaring and I was making dinner all of a sudden I hear the shaver going no idea what was going on I run into find Noah shaving his head just like Daddy!!! Straight through the middle of his beautiful long hair, he had taken the biggest chunk of hair out!! He was so proud he kept saying “I’m like Daddy” “I have hair like Daddy”.  There was no way I could let him walk around with his hair like this so we clipped the rest off! It was so short he looked unwell! I had to keep a beanie on his head for months!!! I can laugh now but at the time I was in tears!!!


Confetti + Crumbs: 
Any advice for future Moms?
Laura: When I was pregnant I was stressed out about childbirth so freaked out by the whole process after watching or hearing too many women’s horror stories! I choose to have c- section for my first birth. I wanted control and to know that I would be okay who knew that would happen!!! I focused so much on the birth that when it came down to the delivery day I was unsure what I was to do with my little baby no one told me that breastfeeding can be hard I would get mastitis and my breasts were going to go totally crazy! If I can give any advice it would do the classes to learn about breastfeeding and caring for the baby after they arrive…… the birth yes its huge and when you decide on a birth plan know that it can go either way. It might not be the way you want it in the end but your health and your baby’s health is all that matters and no matter what you still have your beautiful bundle of joy. I was also told calm mum, calm baby! I sware by this!! A stressed mama and the baby feels it!

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Anja McDonald Photography

Confetti  + Crumbs: What is your biggest fear as a Mother?
Laura: My biggest fear as a mother is the world we live in! It’s a scary place! I hope I can protect and guide my children to make the right decisions and have the right values in their lives like my parents did for me!


Confetti + Crumbs: How do you make time for yourself?
Laura: Time for myself is something I really struggle with it was easier with one baby but now with two it seems time to myself is very rare! I love to ensure that I get my hair done regularly it sounds silly but having my hair is done I feel so much better!!

I also have just started working on a blog myself to have a hobby and to have my own me time!


Mum Hack
I’m totally obsessed with having a chemical free home for my family. I make my own All Purpose Cleaning Spray! It’s so easy I can’t believe I didn’t do this years ago.

16oz glass spray bottle
1/4 cup white vinegar
3/4 cup water
20 drops of essential oils
Oils I love to use our Lemon, Eucalyptus or Wild orange.

Add all ingredients to spray bottle
Shake and use when required.

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Anja McDonald Photography

Thank you, Laura, for sharing your stories with us.

Isn’t Laura the cutest!?!? Tune in next week for another round of Naptime with Confetti + Crumbs.

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