Little Boys and Lattes Co

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Instagram Handle: @littleboysandlattesco
Meet Leslie Weesner: I am a wife, mom to two little boys plus one baby on the way, a blogger, and a shop owner! We live in Plano, Texas. I am addicted to Parks and Rec, Friends and Gilmore Girls. I love Target, Starbucks and Chick-Fil-A of course! 😉
About Little Boys and Lattes Co
I have always dreamed of having my own business, but I was never quite sure what that would look like. I also have always been quite creative so I knew whatever I did, it would be something I designed/created myself. I started my shop back in April because I suddenly just KNEW. I suddenly knew I wanted to design shirts and within a day or so I had the designs sketched up and had a pretty clear vision for what my business was going to look like. My husband, Landon, fully supported me and helped me take care of all the financials and inventory etc. I absolutely love what I do!!!
Leslie’s Personal Favorite
AHHH. So hard to choose! Especially since I already have the soon to come fall/winter designs in progress. 😉 But for now, I would say it’s a really close tie between the “Coffee is a mom’s best friend” tee and the sparkle tee!
Confetti + Crumbs Review
Not only is it super cute but it is super soft. I can’t wait to wear this top with leggings.

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