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Our house is bursting at the seams with the loves of my life – my husband and six children (four of whom were born in Ethiopia). In my “spare” time, I write, teach how to dive deeply into Scripture, and speak about motherhood, adoption, and following your passions. I adore hosting fun dinner parties, attempt to infuse beauty into every corner of our Denver home, and believe in celebrating the every day while instilling the love of God into our children’s hearts. Through it all, I grasp tightly to joy amidst the craziness of everyday life.

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Being a mom of six is hilarious because I always thought I never wanted kids. One day in my early twenties though, I realized I’d never consulted God about the life I was planning in the art-world. Opening my hands in submission, I asked Him to use me…to really use me. Since that day, He’s been interrupting my life and turning things around in the most beautiful way.

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Last fall, my pastor asked me not simply to lead the women’s Bible Study, but to also write the curriculum myself. I laughed in his face before realizing he was serious. Once I began, my eyes were opened to how passionate I was about teaching women how to dive deeper into His Word. So often we open up the Bible with great intentions, but as soon as we do, our minds go blank and we think, “Ughhhhh now what? Where do I even start??” Gosh, I’ve so been there. I realized I had a huge desire to help women not feel this way, but rather assist them in feeling empowered when opening up the Scriptures.

After writing that study on 1 Samuel, I started a project titled “Bible Nerd” which is a 14-day guide on HOW to study the Bible. It’s free if you’re interested (click here)! In the few weeks since its release, the guide has been downloaded nearly a thousand times and we already have a few hundred ladies in our Bible Nerd Facebook page… women like you and I who have a deep desire to learn more and grow in community. It doesn’t matter if you’ve loved Jesus for five minutes or five decades…there’s so much wisdom to glean through the guide and the community.


[Note from Confetti + Crumbs: Find the “Bible Nerd” HERE]


God has turned me from a stay-at-home mom who never thought I’d ever wear clothes without spit-up stains again, to one who has the privilege of staying at home while also starting a ministry. I think I used to not want children because I thought being a mom meant living a small life…but goodness was I wrong. Once again, He interrupted my life and brought me into His will.

God is so big, as is motherhood. We’re all called to different things in different seasons and just as we were exiting the diaper season and our youngest headed into preschool (they’re now in preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school…whew!), the Lord reached my calling further than simply to those inside my home.

Because I opened my hands to Him over a decade ago (and continue to every day), my prayer that he “use me…really use me” is coming to fruition. And the cool thing is that our kids get to see me doing it.



Confetti + Crumbs: What do you enjoy most about being a mom?
Teresa: One of the best things about being a mom is having them look up into my eyes while snuggling, and hear them say something profound. Something that stops me in my tracks, making my heart feel as if it’s about to burst because I love them so. These moments make me think, “Wow, God. Maybe I’m doing an ok job after all.” I love seeing them thrive and smile and joke. I love knowing that those not born of my womb and who came into our family with trauma and hurt are different children now that they’ve seen unconditional love and as the Lord continues to heal and grow them.

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Confetti + Crumbs: What’s your #1 tip for keeping a clean house?
Teresa: My number one tip for keeping a clean house is to get rid of stuff! Simplify and streamline!! (I’m totally preaching to the choir since I just brought some new Goodwill treasures home today) My second tip is teaching kids to do chores from a young age. For example, as soon as our kids could walk, they’d have the responsibility of throwing their own diaper away. Our elementary, middle and high school aged kids do the dishes, load/unload the dishwasher, fold laundry, etc. I’m always asking them to pick up after themselves with the reminder that the more time I spend cleaning…the less time I have time to play with them!

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Confetti + Crumbs: Favorite family night activity?
Teresa: When we’re all home during the evening, we really make an effort to sit down for dinner together…and when we do, someone will grab our box of Table Topics (family conversation starters). Since we have kids ages four through seventeen, it’s hard to find something that every age enjoys. But these questions not only help us learn more about one another, but provides tons of laughter!


Confetti + Crumbs: How do you make time for yourself? Favorite me time activity?Teresa: It’s so crazy important for me to get up an hour or two before the kids. Eeekkkk! I know that sounds crazy! And I’m totally not even a morning person!! But through the years, I’ve found when I spend consistent quiet time with the Lord every morning I’m kinder, more patient, more full of joy, and honestly…I somehow even get more done in the day. I’ve realized a centered and productive mom who has her bucket full is definitely a happy mom.

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Confetti + Crumsb: You know you’re a mother when ____.
Teresa: You know you’re a mother when you drink cold coffee. Or when you’ve gone to the gym not to work out, but to read a book…because…FREE CHILDCARE!!




Show and tell time:


Orange + Peppermint Sugar Scrub (DIY)

Who needs a quick little gift idea?! Whether you need something for a teacher, neighbor, co-worker, best friend, or gosh…any lady on your list? This is the perfect, quick DIY!

We originally started making them last year when I realized with six kids; we have over 30 teachers. You guys…over 30!! I know, craziness.

I obviously needed something affordable, yet fun for Teacher Appreciation Day, Christmas gifts, and so on…and wanted a project where even the Littles could help out. And this ended up being such fun to make (which is always a plus when little hands are helping)!


After pouring all the items in a bowl, stir until fully mixed.

After stirring, simply transfer the gritty mixture into jars or vessels of your choice. Since I’m a bit of a jar-hoarder, I raided our cupboards and found small mason jars, former spaghetti jars, and anything I could get my hands on.

Also scouring my ribbon box, I brought down scraps and anything glittery or striped and even found some bells at the bottom of my box (score!).

I had a few vases of flowers around the house that I have yet to toss, though the flowers are browned and dried…also perfect!! Using the greens and a few roses, we started trying all the jars up.

I love how the kids got involved and used a mish-mash of random things we had. They ended up looking so different and so fun.


Aren’t they darling? I’m definitely whipping up some more with all sorts of oil combinations. I bet grapefruit and rosemary would be yummy…or just a classic lavender would be awesome, too!

You could also use tiny little vessels and use this recipe to make a lip scrub!

What oil combinations would you (or have you) tried?!

[Note from Confetti + Crumbs: Check out original post HERE]


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Thank you, Teresa, for taking over the blog today! Cannot wait to try the scrub.

Y’all, isn’t she the cutest!?!

Join us next week for another round of Naptime with Confetti + Crumbs.


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