Meet Nikkole

Photo credit: Dawn Marie Jefferson


Hi, I’m Nikkole!  Wife to Victor Jones, Mother to Nola Jones, and lover of all things involving wine!  I currently live in New Orleans and had my first visit in 2007 when I worked for AmeriCorps!  I went to school to be a Screenwriter and work at a Film Studio! My hobbies are planning events, making paper flowers, and being with my sweet little Nola Grace who will be 3 in August.  My television is always set to either HGTV, Food Network, or BRAVO!  Which means I can build you a house, cook you a gourmet meal, and smack a b*tch!  Ahem…excuse me, I meant “compose myself during an altercation between my girlfriends.”



Confetti and Crumbs: What do you enjoy most about being a mom?
Nikkole: I love having this little mini-me!!!  Nola Grace is so special to me because I had so many factors preventing me from getting pregnant yet she was meant to be here!  A true miracle!




Confetti and Crumbs: What is your child’s favorite book or story?
Nikkole: Nola loves to read!!!  She currently has the following books on rotation: Through My Eyes by Ruby Bridges, Bible Stories for Children, Plenty of Fish by Millicent Selsam, and Doc McStuffins.



Confetti and Crumbs: How did you meet your husband?
Nikkole: On a Blind Date!  A mutual friend set me and Victor up.  We both walked away from the sushi restaurant in Boston knowing that we were going to marry each other!



Confetti and Crumbs: How do you make time for yourself? Favorite me time activity?
Nikkole: Once Nola goes down for the night, I pop open a bottle of wine and watch Real Housewives.  My husband and I have Fri-dates.  We both get off work early and meet at our favorite Mexican spot for happy hour.  We have just enough time to chat before getting Nola from daycare.  Those hour long dates mean the world!



Confetti and Crumbs: You know you’re a mother when ____.
1. You pretend to go to the bathroom and sit there for an hour on social media drinking gin.
2. All bodily fluids don’t faze you.
You can operate off of little to no sleep and still manage to look at your children and show grace.


Photo credit: Dawn Marie Jefferson


Show and tell time:
Nola has so many wonderful qualities about her but she has followed in mama’s footsteps and taken a particular liking to fixing objects and renovating furniture. I like to include her in most of what I do.  Here is a great idea for updating furniture in your house.  Paint solves everything!!!  Nola and I updated my work desk.  We taped the metal legs and trim with painter’s tape, sanded all surfaces to be painted, painted the desk white, added a clear finish and sparkly knob on the desk drawer, and lastly prepped the desk so that we could spray paint the metal a gold finish.  Get your kids involved in projects!  It may seem like a huge task but you will be surprised how much they enjoy helping out!



Thank you so much, Nikkole for taking over the blog today. Nola is the cutest.

Join us next week for another round of Naptime with Confetti + Crumbs.

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