If you haven’t noticed, we are BIG beach goers. Living by the coast means summers filled with sandy toes and salty hair. I grew up spending my summers at the beach and have such fond memories surfing the waves, building sandcastles and eating sandy sandwiches. I love that my family gets to experience all of these things!

Even though we love being out in the sun, I am not willing to risk the chance of skin cancer. I take every precaution possible with my tribe when heading out. Today, we are sharing some of our sun protection tips for little ones.



1. ALWAYS apply and REAPPLY sunscreen. I usually do this 20 minutes before stepping out of the house, just to make life a little easier. Look for products containing both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide because they offer dual protection against UVA and UVB radiation. DO NOT FORGET TO REAPPLY!


2. Hats. Widdy is at the stage where he thinks pulling off his hat is hilarious when we are at the beach, so I love finding hats that have straps to keep them put.


3. UPF swimwear. I love love LOVE that sun protective swimwear is a thing. I always make sure Widdy has UPF swimwear on, and am so thankful most kids lines carry them. Having him wear UPF swimwear gives me comfort that my sweet baby’s skin is protected.


4. Umbrellas/beach tent. Having a spot in the shade to cool off in is necessary on hot summer days. They are also a great spot for midday naps!


5. Hit the beach during the hours the sun is the least strong.  Going to the beach in the morning helps beat both the heat, as well as the crowds. Plus, Widdy loves to watch the surfers. The sun is significantly strongest from 12-3, so getting out early is important to us. Sometimes we even pack a picnic or pick up pizza and go watch the sunset on the beach… A perk of living so close to the beach!


Following these steps will help you rest easy knowing your little ones are protected. Have fun at the beach, pool or lake!




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