Meet Colette

Instagram: @colettepeterman
Website: Young Living Independent Distributor – #10190558

Photo: Ashley Marie

Hi there! My name is Colette and I’m thirty-four years old, mother to an active 3 1/2 year toddler named Dylan and a military wife to my Coast Guard husband of six years, Dave. We are originally from Philadelphia, PA but have lived all over the east coast. Right now we reside in South Florida! It’s not our ideal place, but we have a great support system here and continue to make awesome memories!


Confetti + Crumbs: What do you enjoy most about being a mom?
Colette: I love being able to turn on my son to new experiences and seeing the world through his eyes. We took Dylan to Disney World for his birthday and it was completely magical to see how he reacted to the environment. Also- cuddles. The cuddles and hugs and “I love you’s completely MELT ME each time.


Confetti + Crumbs: What turned you on to oils? Favorite oil(s) and why?
Colette: Did you know that just as the essential oil provides blood for plants to grow by working through trauma, energizing and photosynthesizing, they can help maintain our body systems to survive and thrive in a state of wellness? This just blows my mind every single time I think about it! The fact that we can support so many areas of our body, both physically and mentally, with essential oils was really intriguing to me. I’m a super curious person by nature that will try anything once! Using these oils and applying them to my family’s personal needs was and still is life changing. My diffusing favorites are constantly changing, but I would say Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Thieves, and Peppermint are the oils I could not live without! They are so versatile! I can do anything from making cleaning and beauty products to supporting several systems in my body! Amazing! Check out my recipe for Germy Kids Hand soap: literally the easiest thing ever and so much better for you than the stuff you buy at Target, trust me! If you need more proof, download the Think Dirty app to your phone and scan your products! I have these soap dispensers in every bathroom and in my kitchen.

[Note from Confetti + Crumbs: You can purchase YL oils here.]

Confetti + Crumbs: Favorite family night activity?
Colette: We are house bums! We love ordering take out on a Friday night and having a picnic on our living room floor while watching a movie and building a spectacular train track that is completely different each time. We get really into it.


Confetti + Crumbs: How do you make time for yourself? Favorite me time activity?
Colette: I work from home as a full-time implementation consultant and send Dylan to full-time school. To be honest, even though I’m working my butt off, I really enjoy being alone in the house all day! It’s very relaxing to me!  I also take my dog for long walks and listen to Audible often. I just finished a book called Girl Code, which I found incredibly inspiring. There’s also the occasional lock myself in my room and binge watch reality tv that I try to do every once in a while to clear my head!


Confetti + Crumbs: Mom crush? Who do you admire most?
Colette: I surround myself with incredibly strong people. I believe that you grow by being inspired by those around you. Good energy feeds good energy (side note: check out The Energy Bus and you’ll see what I mean!) I can’t say I just have one person because everyone I’m in contact with inspires me in a different way! My mom and dad who raised us three girls with a very rich and fulfilling childhood on a low income, my sisters who will not stop at chasing their goals no matter the hurdles, my husband Dave who sacrifices most of his life to serve our country, my best friend in life and in business Vicki who gracefully balances two small businesses she is passionate about (travel and oils) along with her family life as a natural born multitasker, and my YL upline Frankie-Gene, Caity and Jill who lead and inspire through example. I can’t wait to run in the lavender farm with them someday.

Photo: Ashley Marie

Fun Fact about Colette:
When I was younger, I hated my name. In school, the teacher would mispronounce my first name, kids would poke fun at my last name (Oldham…use your imagination) and even as a young adult I could never just tell someone my name, I had to spell it.  Now as a thirty something mom, I absolutely ADORE my name. Yes, I still have to spell it out when I place my Starbucks order, but I love being unique! I have countless nicknames too: Colette Spaghetti, Aunt Coco, and Cole, to name a few. Growing up all I wanted was to fit in, but now I realize that I was meant to be different in this life and I thoroughly embrace it now! Did I mention I also have five middle names?

Photo: Ashley Marie

Thank you, Colette, for taking over our blog today! It has been a pleasure. If you have any questions for Colette please feel free to leave a comment below. Join us next Monday for another round of Naptime with Confetti + Crumbs.


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