Rifle Paper Co wall gallery


I am obsessed with everything Rifle Paper Co does. When I saw the large Travel the World calendar from Rifle Paper Co ($26.00) I knew it would make the perfect art gallery for our family room. Each month provides a whimsical illustration of cities throughout the world. The BEST part is that several of these cities in the calendar on our bucket list of places to visit.


Rifle prints on the best kind of thick paper, with rich vibrant inks that are so perfect for turning into frameable art.

Rifle Paper Co wall calendar (I used 2016 version but the 2017 is just as cute)
Frames : I used (8) 11 x 14 black frames from Walmart and it comes with a mat. This particular calendar really doesn’t need the mats because there was a border and the art extended beyond the border.
-Double-sided tape


I tore out each month out of the calendar from the spiral binder and I did have to trim the down a few of the photos. ALL FRAMES ARE DIFFERENT SO MAKE SURE YOU CENTER THE PHOTO AND TRIM WHERE NEEDED.

Next, I used the double-sided tape all the way around the backside of my mat, right at the inside edges. I then centered the mat over the art and pressed down to attach. Easy!



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